4 Reasons You Need a Probate Attorney

If you had a loved one pass who did not have a living will, their belongings now need to be distributed among loved ones. This process is called probate. If you are entering probate, it is highly recommended that you get an attorney for the following reasons.

There Are Family Members Contesting the Arrangements

A common reason to hire a probate attorney if you need to go through probate to settle a loved one’s estate is when multiple members of the family are arguing about the arrangements. Perhaps you have a grandmother who did not have a will, but had valuable property that multiple children or grandchildren want to have. You might have three different aunts who all claim their mother promised the property to them when she died, but she never wrote up a will and made it legal. This is a very good reason to get help from an attorney.

You Have Found Financial or Tax Complications

When you begin going through the deceased’s property and assets, you will come to their debts. In some cases, you may find that they have a lot of debt to settle, financial issues, or tax audits and other complications. These are things that are difficult to handle on your own, so you should really hire a probate attorney. They will help you navigate communicating with the IRS and using their assets to take care of their debt before making arrangements for whatever is leftover after taking care of those debts.

Property or Assets Were Left to a Minor

The deceased might have had a will, but they left the majority of their assets to someone who is currently a minor. In this case, the minor can’t just take over the assets or have access to a bank account. They will need to have a beneficiary to take over the account or property until the minor becomes an adult and make decisions for them. If the deceased did not choose a beneficiary, you should have a lawyer help you figure out how to handle this type of situation.

The Deceased Has Business Disputes

Business issues may also come up when handling their estate after your loved one has passed, which requires help from a probate attorney. For example, they might have business debt to take care of or they may have been a partner in a business, and the surviving partner is not sure how to handle the situation. Probate attorneys are experienced at helping with business-related assets as well.

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Author: Eugene Darryl

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